Our main priority is to offer higher level of service to all customers. We pay special attention to the following fundamentals, which are essential for a good interaction with every customer: product's QUALITY, SPEED (of work), attractive PRICE level and FLEXIBILITY of the service.


The quality of the products that we stock, sell and introduce to our customers has, is and allways will be of major importance. In order to be sure that it can meet all EU requirements and will only improve through time, we: · carefully study and select our suppliers · do not engage with suppliers that are operating without an implemented "ISO" quality management system · request & check all qaulity related certificates before delivery · perform 4 levels of inspection of the goods upon arrival.


The time is precious and is never enough. The time management and how efficient is it determines all work that can be processed in the frames of one working day. We praise a lot the time of our customers and clearly realize that the promptness of the interaction between us is of high importance in most of the cases. No matter what you expect - an answer of a question, an offer or processing of your order you can rely on a swift response by our side.


Having in mind the great number of active customers with their various scopes of work and all specific demands and necessities that occur, to satisfy all requests can become a challenging task... which we accept! We aim to provide an individual and flexible approach to every custtomer and we try to adapt to his work as much as possible.


To set an adequate market price is a complex process, depending of various economical factors. The price policy of ITT Bulgaria ЕOOD is to offer the most attractive prices to its customers at a level conforming to the internatonal market trends and the individual requirements.